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read more: The romantic and enchanted atmosphere of a winter wedding

19 March 2024 / matrimoni

When you think of weddings, your mind immediately goes to the spring and summer seasons, with the flowers blooming and the sun shining, but I want to highlight the magical and scenic side of winter weddings! Winter weddings have a charm all their own, with

read more: Nives Malvestiti lyour Wedding planner

05 May 2023 / Wedding planner

Hi guys, for those who already know me and follow me on social media are used to my hello guys, I'll take you with me and a big kiss. Let me introduce myself: I am a wedding planner based in Bergamo (my hometown) and

read more: Trendy Wedding: natural chic o minimal & urban?

04 July 2022 / Wedding planner

Are you more "natural chic" or "minimal & urban"? How do you desire your wedding? Find out with us! Wedding trends 2022 talking about two quite different styles: the first follows nature, the second modernity. Different colors, lines and styles, but at the base, however,

read more: How to choose a Wedding Planner!

07 June 2022 / wedding planner

Today, the world of wedding planners is a wide world full of different personalities, styles and tastes ready to meet the needs of each couple and fulfil their wishes. In such a varied market, it can sometimes be difficult to choose and understand which

read more: How to choose a wedding location?

11 May 2022 / wedding planner

After the 'fateful yes', it is there that you will go with your guests to spend your most beautiful day and everything must be perfect. But where to start? First of all, consider more than one wedding location well in advance. Ideally, you should book