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07 June 2022

How to choose a Wedding Planner!

Today, the world of wedding planners is a wide world full of different personalities, styles and tastes ready to meet the needs of each couple and fulfil their wishes. In such a varied market, it can sometimes be difficult to choose and understand which Wedding planner is right for you, the one that best suits your style and tastes, the one you would entrust the organisation of your wedding to with your eyes closed. There is a secret to selecting her without making mistakes! The first step is to unhinge the dogma "don't judge a book by its cover", because in this context, it is precisely the first image that a wedding planner shows of herself that speaks, that expresses herself and convinces you that she is the right one for you, the one who will dedicate her time to you and make your every request her own. During your search, therefore, stop and look at her websites, her blogs and her social pages. Above all, look carefully at her photos, trying to capture important details and let yourself be carried away by the feelings they convey. A smile, a pose or simply a pretty dress can tell you so much about the personality that goes beyond the virtual. An acquaintance through the media can certainly not compete with a real one, but the photos she publishes of herself and her work are an excellent business card and will give you a very first idea, a feeling that will entice you to discover much more and lead you, in the end, to choose her, to make you say "I want her to organise my wedding!". You will recognise her among the many because she has the style, elegance and charm that you like and want at your wedding! That of the Wedding planner is a difficult choice also because she will be a figure who will accompany you during the months leading up to the big day, it will be to her that you will entrust the entire organisation of your wedding, it will be to her that you will have to trust blindly and turn to whenever you have a doubt, it will be her creativity that will envelop you and convince you: for these reasons it is essential that her tastes and style are similar to yours. So, when you are looking for the perfect wedding planner for you, look at her social pages, not only photos of her work, but above all photos of herself. Photos in which she expresses herself, in which she reveals part of her personality. In this way you will understand a lot about her, her style of dressing, her tastes, her imagination and also her way of being. You will have to like the way she matches colours, the clothes she chooses to wear, the shoes, the accessories, the bags she carries, the cut and colour of her hair, the way she does her make-up, the brands and designers she loves. If from the photos you recognise a style, a way of being, of appearing that is also yours, that you love, that you desire for your luxury wedding, then you have found the right wedding planner for you and all you have to do is contact her!

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