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05 May 2023

Nives Malvestiti lyour Wedding planner

Hi guys, for those who already know me and follow me on social media are used to my hello guys, I'll take you with me and a big kiss. Let me introduce myself: I am a wedding planner based in Bergamo (my hometown) and Milan but I work all over Italy. Let me tell you a little about myself, I am 46 years old I have a 10-year-old daughter that I love madly and a job that I am more and more passionate about every day. You might be thinking how many WPs there are... well yes, you are right, we are quite a lot so today I would like to tell you why I started this job, my peculiarities and how I juggle every day between business trips, projects, meetings with my couples, suppliers and my private life. I come from a humanities/arts background.
nives malvestiti la tua wedding planner - Wedding Magazine by Nives Malvestiti Event Planner I had my own business for several years, but as early as 15 years ago my passion for events was beginning to make its way. I started with corporate events, promotional, then small parties until I realized that I was missing something ... I could not fully express my passion for beauty, design, planning ... and I approached the world of weddings. It all started by accident ... I opened my computer and enrolled in a Wedding planner course. That's how I started to get training, experience and then came the first wedding. I still remember that feeling ... pure adrenaline but also that tension of not doing anything wrong. I always tell my trainees there is always a first time. You have to come prepared but the fear of making mistakes is always there and maybe it has to be there even when you are an established professional, it helps to never lose focus Then followed a series of weddings made of beautiful moments, emotions, satisfactions but also many sacrifices, nights working, days out of the house, hours in the car and then comes the experience .. that slowly grows makes you evolve.
The professional me has grown, evolved ... the me Nives is still the same me who believes strongly in empathizing with couples, who in the set-up phase puts on jeans and a T-shirt and sports shoes and scampers all over the venue.

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