Private Events

I have always liked the idea of encapsulate the desire of sharing the happiness of such an important moment with loved ones in an event thought with creativity and care for details.
Be it large or small, it deserves a professional organization that at the same time is friendly, built around people in order to provide joy and fun, to spend some time together.

Special Occasions


The day of baptism is a sweet and important day, that shall be lived in full. In such occasions more than ever, I try to find a sophisticated and delicate balance between location, menu and fittings. I am always flanking my customers, proposing the fittest solutions for any single requirement, in order to turn into an unforgettable day a day that is full of emotions. The service is available either outdoor or indoor and upon request I propose the partnership with the best professionals in the banqueting and animation industry.

Leaving nothing to chance, I search for the most precious details with creativity that always pays great attention to taste but at the same time is original and emotional.

What is the best part in achieving any degree? The party that comes after that of course! In these occasions the keyword can be nothing but fun. According to tastes and preference of the graduating person I organize the best party for

Better celebrate such a unique occasion. Dj set, Gala dinners, themed parties in the swimming pool, tours in a limousine or maybe evenings spent in alternative locations: creativity has no limits. In particular in these cases, I propose original ideas that are funny and captivating, in order to astonish guests as well as the celebrated person with activities, music and so much more. Like in all of my services, for graduation parties too my network of industry professionals is available for animation, entertainment and banqueting as well as for hair-styling and make-up. For those that would like to look impeccable, my advice in style will turn it into a successful project.

Table for graduation party

Graduation party

Table for anniversary


The anniversaries are steps of our life route that deserve to be celebrated in order to commemorate what we have done and at the same time look for what is coming. According to the requirement and personal taste, my task is to provide value to such moments. There are many possibilities: gala dinners, parties, elegant cocktails but also, for those that want something else, original solutions, maybe in alternative locations, unexpected and funny. This service is available either for outside events or for those that prefer to celebrate in the comforts of their own home.

An anniversary inevitably marks the time that goes on, making it precious represents the best way to stop it inside our memory.

This is the day of the year when there is only one star. Making it unforgettable, captivating and funny is the goal of this service which is exclusively dedicated to birthdays. I always try to propose original solutions, also alternative ones or that are outside of the box, and to create a golden thread, a theme that would mark the event accurately. There is no limit to creativity, from a simple dinner in an exclusive location, to a party, up to a house party:

Any proposal is tailor cut on the requests and budget. Available for any age: I will take care of the party, you will take care of having fun.

Birthday party